A sprinkle or two of fairy dust in Disneyworld



If you ask our daughter what the highlight of our recent trip to Disney was the answer without a doubt would be the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. In fact this was her second visit in as many years (lucky girl) and I’d say it was even more magical the second time around as we kept this one a complete surprise.

There are two royal salons one which can be found at Disney Springs and the other is inside the castle at Magical Kingdom. Inside both venues young guests are transformed into a princess or a knight. Inside you will find a host of fairy god mothers who all go out of their way to make the experience truly magical.

Last year we booked the Crown package at the Magical Kingdom. Our daughter was transformed into Tinkerbell and our son a handsome knight and yes I’m afraid that the magic vanished at midnight!

Book early and consider timing

If you opt to go to the castle boutique I would recommend that you book this experience at the start of the day. This way you can get some wonderful pictures outside the castle and with the Disney princess meet and greets around the park.

If your daughter is like ours she will relish in the attention as most cast members comment on how fabulous they look as they walk on by.

You will need to allow at least between 60-90 minutes for the experience. As you can imagine this is a popular experince so book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique can be reached on (407) 939-7895. You need to leave a credit card number to secure your booking however no payment will be taken until you get there and decide what package you would like. Please bear in mind there is a cancellation policy which can be found in there terms and conditions.

The experience 

Once inside the boutique your child or children will be asked to take a seat and will be allocated their own fairy god mother.

I don’t want to ruin the magic for you but expect a sprinkle of fairy dust and one very happy daughter or son when you leave.

All parents are required to stay with children under 12 years old. If you have Memory Maker take advantage of the photographer. They go around the room and all you need to do is give your card or magic band and you can download all the pictures when you return home.

WDWRESORTSANDMORE_DTDBBB_20170523_8042099364.jpeg                            WDWRESORTSANDMORE_DTDBBB_20170523_8042105515.jpeg

Also with Memory Maker, you can take your son/daughter over to Castle Couture and have a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Studio photo session.  There is no extra cost to have these pictures taken and as you can see below the shots are beautiful.

Girls will come away with a lovely goodie bag with makeup, nail polish and other goodies; we used this bag to put in the clothes they change out of.

If you think this experience is just for your princess then think again! Our son absolutely loved getting his hair done even the special glitter for knights was a hit! Included in the Knight package is a foam sword and shield which he had hours of fun playing with whilst protecting his sister from enemies outside in the castle grounds.


During our second trip we surprised our daughter to another trip to the boutique. She was so excited and surprised, their were plenty of tears of joy! This time we opted for the courtyard package with this she got a t-shirt and a tutu which she has worn lots since we have been home. I think if we ever went again we would take our own dress with us and just get her hair and makeup done .


The venues 

What we liked about the Disney Springs venue was the magical mirror. I won’t spoil it for you but the message that appeared in the mirror prior to dressing added to the intrigue and excitement. This wasn’t avaliable at the castle location as far as we were aware.

The bonus of the castle venue has to be the location who wouldn’t want to be transformed into a princess at the most magical place on earth!

Things to know before you go 

  • Book early and check times at both venues
  • Arrive 15 minutes early with your booking confirmation number
  • Take some shoes with you and a bag to put clothes in
  • There are a variety of  packages to suit both a prince and princess
  • You can purchase knight robes to complete the look for the knight package.

If you do decide to visit the boutique we are sure you will have the most magical time. The only negative is their isn’t an experience for us older wannabe princesses!

FullSizeRender 16.jpg

Remember memories last a lifetime!

Faye xoxo


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